Trends and Best Practices for Addressing Automatic Participant Rollovers

Small balance accounts of retirement plan participants who have left your company or are part of a plan termination can add significant and unnecessary costs and administration to your plan. Automatic rollover programs can help reduce plan costs, alleviate administrative burden, and help employers meet fiduciary responsibilities and safe harbor provisions.

Our white paper, "Trends and Best Practices for Addressing Automatic Participant Rollovers," provides a comprehensive overview and guide for plan sponsors who want a better understanding of automatic rollover benefits, requirements, and available services before moving forward.

DST's Automatic Rollover Program streamlines and automates the rollover process for more than 40 institutions and 30,000 plan sponsors. It provides:

  • A choice of six IRA options.
  • Electronic enrollment and paperless transaction processing.
  • Participant notification campaigns.
  • Automatic IRA openings within 24 hours.
  • Plan sponsor enrollment, notification, and contractual processes.
  • Reconciled reports on fund activity.

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