Retirement Account Servicing

Consolidation in the recordkeeping industry is not a surprise. Firms struggle to manage and pay for IT and compliance updates themselves, manage "clip on” support systems that don't integrate well, and issues with end user service-levels. The new recordkeeping platform value proposition is flexible outsourcing, enabling recordkeepers to maintain and grow their book of business.

With more than 7 million participants across 272,000+ plans, DST's TRAC recordkeeping platform can be used for SaaS, hybrid, and full BPO recordkeeping models. DST supports a full range of defined contribution plan types and delivers the flexibility, controls, and capacity to manage all manner of retirement plan models, products, and services.

Continually Innovate/Maintain Competitive Edge

In order to provide solutions and not just software, we regularly consult with our clients to help to ensure that we offer services that are geared to your needs – and those of your clients.

Reduce Risk

Through our rules-based system, clients have the ability to configure and customize the platform. Because of our single-source code, enhancements are designed to be compatible with existing systems.

Scale for the Future

Whether releasing new products or expanding into new market segments, our systems allow clients to scale offerings with minimal additional operational development. We provide solutions for all plan types, regardless of size and work with you to determine the services that fit and support your strategies, including plan administration, implementation and plan design, participant call center, transaction processing, mail and imaging, and other back office support services.

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