Retirement Account Servicing

Whether you are looking to outsource all of your recordkeeping functions, or just a few, we can customize our service level to meet your needs.

Providing retirement account servicing requires more than just transactional processing capabilities. Tremendous cost pressure, proposed regulations, and industry consolidations are all burdening providers. Our solution can help you provide retirement readiness, improve expected outcomes, and better serve your customers. We support the full range of defined contribution plan types and deliver the flexibility, controls, and capacity to manage all manner of retirement models, products, and services. Our online portals allow you to apply your own branding and maintain a consistent and seamless experience for your customers. Our technology enables you to manage content and communications, integrate tools and data, and simplify administration.

With our TRAC solution, you can:

  • Control technology integration points to ensure you have the right data for your business
  • Select services or features that fit your unique business environment
  • Maintain your brand while managing content and control touch points with your customers
  • Determine the scalable business process outsourcing model to address your needs for today and tomorrow

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