Research Study The Top Robo-Advisors: What They’re Like and How They Could be Better

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Robo-advisors vaulted into the spotlight in 2015, capturing significant assets and media attention. The first generation of digital wealth management focused mainly on low costs and convenience, using simple models that were easy to market to the masses. In a sense, the first products represented a fast-food approach to the wealth management industry.

It is clear, however, that the automation of advice delivery is relentless — and it is evolving. Recent innovations have improved the robustness of robo-portfolios, with broader asset allocation and deeper diversification. Moreover, advisors and broker-dealers are earnestly incorporating robo-advisors and digital models in their business. In this article, DST looks more closely at the four largest robo-advisors in terms of assets in the US, and considers opportunities for the enhancement of robo-portfolios.

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  • 11 pages
  • Released 5/25/2016
  • Author: Rob Martorana

categories: robo advisors, fund distribution, advanced analytics

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