Research Study Proceed or Wait: How Should Asset Managers Prepare for the DOL Fiduciary Rule Post-Election?

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The Department of Labor fiduciary rule is one of the most significant regulatory challenges for asset managers in the last forty years. While the U.S. presidential election has given rise to speculation that the implementation of the fiduciary rule might be delayed or even repealed, a number of broker-dealers and asset managers have made changes to policies and products to align with the rule, which has an initial implementation deadline of April 2017.

This new brief takes a look at the possible ways the new administration may approach the rule and its implementation, the views of industry experts, and how leading firms are preparing.

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Primary Audience: Asset Manager Executives and Senior Managers in Distribution, Marketing, Product Strategy, and Operations

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  • 4 pages
  • Released 01/04/2017
  • Author: Julia Binder

categories: c-suite, investment strategy/investment product, industry trends, marketing strategy, distribution strategy

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