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What makes a good distributor relationship? For asset managers facing a rapidly evolving and shrinking distribution landscape, this question is more important than ever. With fewer distributors imposing more scrutiny and stricter criteria when determining fund lineups, firms and their National Accounts teams will need to focus on profitable partnerships that exhibit good strategic alignment.

Our new Prioritizing Distributor Relationships report lays out the hallmarks of a healthy distributor relationship and provides a RADR (Radar for Assessing Distributor Relationships) framework with key performances indicators to measure and improve them.

How National Accounts can Position Their Firms to Win illustrationSource: DST Research, Analytics, and Consulting, LLC

Download this report to:

  • Learn the four key pillars of a robust distributor relationship.
  • Utilize our RADR framework to evaluate, compare, and prioritize distribution relationships.
  • Get easy-to-use scorecards to help you to gauge the health of your relationships.
  • Identify opportunities which could improve your distributor relationships.


This report builds on previous DST Research and Analytics research and National Sales and National Accounts surveys and includes recent interviews with distribution executives at asset management firms.

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  • 30 pages
  • Author: Jason Dauwen

categories: fund distribution, product lineup, national sales manager

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