Research Study Preparing Distribution Organizations for Digital Advice

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Industry trends towards cost-effective solutions will drive increasing adoption of digital advice platforms. While most asset managers are waiting to see which direction robo advisory will take, financial advisors need help understanding the opportunities digital advice has for their businesses. Distribution teams who take the lead in this discussion with their advisors will demonstrate their consultative value and build stronger relationships with advisors well into the future.

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Our latest research, Preparing Distribution Organizations For Digital Advice, examines the six models of digital advice in the market today and discusses why a hybrid human and digital approach will prevail. The report focuses on changes distribution teams can make to their product placement, sales approach, and collaboration with channel partners to achieve success in digital advice.

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  • An analysis of today’s robo advisor models, technology, and services.
  • A preparedness assessment framework for senior management.
  • Actionable recommendations for distribution team at asset managers with and without digital advice platforms.

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Primary Audience: Head of Distribution, Sales Managers


This report builds on previous DST research on wholesaler and financial advisor preferences and practices, and includes recent interviews with distribution executives at asset management firms, robo advisor experts, and advisors.

Table of Contents

  • The Future of Financial Advice
  • Implications for Distribution Terms

List of Exhibits

  • Digital Advice Models
  • Digital Advice Technology & Services
  • Robo Advisor Participation by Incumbents

Report Details

  • 30 pages
  • Released 8/25/2016
  • Author: Jason Dauwen

categories: digital advice, robo advisors, distribution strategy, investment strategy/investment product

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