Research Study Best Practices for Implementing Predictive Analytics in Sales

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As more financial advisors decline in-person meeting invitations and shift to digital engagements, asset managers find they must make every interaction count. Having a unified, comprehensive advisor segmentation strategy provides a critical foundation. Predictive analytics, as some firms have found, leverages that foundation to build an engagement approach that arms sales (and marketing teams) with insights and recommendations relevant and personalized for clients and prospects. The result: a 60-300% lift in year-over-year gross sales for these firms.

For many other firms, however, fostering good wholesaler adoption of predictive analytics remains a challenge. In our latest research, Best Practices For Implementing Predictive Analytics in Sales, we examine the practical and cultural roadblocks firms need to address to encourage their sales organization to embrace predictive selling and offer best practices to get there.

Purchase this report for industry statistics, detailed notes, and recommendations for:

  • Setting the stage for success.
  • Gaining greater buy-in and adoption of predictive tools among the sales team.
  • Integrating tools into wholesaler workflow.
  • Enabling internal and external wholesalers to make best use of insights gleaned.

Purchasers of this report also receive a personalized DST analyst presentation. Learn how to help your sales team adopt predictive selling and leverage insights more effectively. Purchase the report today.

Primary Audience: Head of Distribution, Sales Managers


This report builds on previous DST research and surveys on wholesaler and financial advisor preferences and practices, and includes recent interviews with distribution and intelligence executives at asset management and insurance firms.

Table of Contents

  • Why Firms Need Stronger Adoption
  • Set the Stage for Success
  • Successfully Sell It to Sales
  • Improve Wholesalers’ Effectiveness

Report Details

  • 34 pages
  • Released 6/8/2016
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: predictive analytics, national sales manager, national sales manager, internal & hybrid wholesaling

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