Research Study Optimizing Portfolio Assistance Services for Advisors

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Complexity is the name of the game for advisors and asset managers – particularly in the ways advisors approach portfolio management for their clients. And as the number of wholesalers advisors meet with each year continues to decline, it is more important than ever for advisors to have a profound understanding of the strategies that underlie the products they buy for their clients and the potential impact on their portfolios. Advisors expect more value from wholesaler visits and their firms.

DST’s report, Optimizing Portfolio Assistance Services For Advisors, explores how leading firms are not only offering portfolio analytics and PM proxy services but are leveraging them to strategic advantage. It lays out the emerging roles in this area. Finally, it offers new ideas for building the “best model” suited to your firm’s business.

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This report provides:

  • Evidence for the business case to increase resources for delivering portfolio assistance services.
  • New strategies for effectively catering to advisors’ needs with portfolio construction and PM proxy services.
  • Recommendations to successfully and cost-effectively provide portfolio assistance services that increase sales and loyalty.

Purchasers of this report also receive a personalized DST Distribution analyst presentation. Learn how to leverage your firm’s portfolio assistance services more strategically to gain competitive advantage. Purchase the report today.

Primary Audience: Heads of Distribution, Heads of Portfolio Assistance Services


DST surveyed 23 asset management distribution executives, and conducted more than a dozen interviews with portfolio analysis, PM proxy, distribution executives, and high-net-worth advisors. Firms ranged in assets from $1.5 billion to nearly $2.5 trillion.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • PM Proxy
  • Maximizing Value to the Firm
  • Methodology/li>

List of Exhibits

  • Advisors are Meeting with Fewer Wholesalers
  • Most Firms Have Offered Portfolio Services for at Least Three Years
  • Portfolio Analytics Largely Reports to Distribution
  • Most Portfolio Analysts Provide National Coverage
  • Pros & Cons of the POA Approach for Distribution
  • Pros & Cons of the PSC Approach for Distribution
  • Potential Goals for Portfolio Analysis throughout the Advisor Journey
  • Goals for Offering Portfolio Analytics
  • Potential Goals for Portfolio Analysis throughout the Advisor Journey, by Type of Service
  • How Firms Qualify Advisors for Portfolio Analytics
  • Factors for Right-Sizing a Portfolio Analyst Team
  • Tiered Portfolio Construction Services
  • Examples of Tiered Portfolio Analytics Services throughout the Advisor Journey
  • Percent of Advisors Meeting with Original Analyst for Subsequent Engagements
  • A Specialty Focus Eclipses Other PM Proxy Team Structures
  • Most PM Proxies Report to Portfolio Management
  • Firms Vary Widely in Ratio of Funds to PM Proxies
  • Teams Are Twice as Large When PM Proxies Provide National Coverage
  • The Value of Various PM Proxy Roles
  • How Firms Qualify Advisors for PM Proxy Service
  • Potential Goals for PM Proxy Access throughout the Advisor Journey
  • Goals for Offering PM Proxy Services
  • Advisors’ Communication Preferences with Asset Managers
  • Factors for Right-Sizing a PM Proxy Team
  • Use of Portfolio Analytics Data
  • Methodology/li>

Report Details

  • 58 pages
  • Released 12/22/2015
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: national sales manager, internal & hybrid wholesaling, product lineup

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