Research Study Optimizing Opportunities for Canadian Asset Manager Websites

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The website is the hub of digital marketing. Leading Canadian asset managers take advantage of web technology developments to build brand awareness, earn consideration, and make it easy for advisors to do business with them. Other firms use their websites as stale repositories of commentary and technical articles, missing out the opportunity to engage and build profitable relationships with advisors.

In response to client demand, DST conducted an evaluation of Canadian asset manager websites for financial advisors using our proprietary methodology. We ranked the top four sites and analyzed the key strategies and features these firms use to engage advisors, help them navigate end benefit from regulatory requirements, earn their business, and foster loyalty.

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  • Get practical recommendations on optimizing your website to boost brand awareness, gain advisor preference, enable ease of doing business, and nurture loyalty.
  • Find out which firms ranked at the top of our list and why.
  • Learn the highlights of DST's methodology for evaluating digital engagement on websites.

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Primary Audience: Heads of E-Business, Marketing, Digital Strategy, Research


Starting with DST's proprietary methodology for evaluating digital engagement on websites, DST adjusted the framework to take into account the few significant differences from the U.S. market and analyzed 11 Canadian asset manager websites.

Table of Contents

  • The Role of Websites In Supporting Business with Advisors
  • Building Brand Preference
  • Earning Consideration
  • Making It Easy To Do Business
  • Nurturing Loyalty
  • Optimizing Website Engagement
  • Top Canadian Mutual Fund Websites
  • Methodology

List of Exhibits

  • 2015 Top Canadian Mutual Fund Websites for Financial Advisors
  • Screenshots:
    • Mackenzie Investments
    • AGF
    • Fidelity Investments
    • Invesco
    • RBC GAM
    • PIMCO
    • Trimark
    • Franklin Templeton
    • Oppenheimer

Report Details

  • 46 pages
  • Released 4/2/2015
  • Author: Julia Binder

categories: advisor websites, personalization, branding, advisor engagement/client engagement, digital marketing

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