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Advisors’ expectations have changed. Our research shows 84% of advisors want a single point of contact, instead of having to meet competing wholesalers from the same asset manager pitching multiple vehicles to solve the advisor’s one problem. Most importantly, advisors want advisors to provide value first, sell second. They are looking for salespeople who can give them insights beyond performance charts and help them work with their clients meet their financial targets and objectives. They are looking for firms who bring a consultative sales approach.

Distribution Solutions Multi Vehicle Sales Team illustrationOur latest, two-part research series, The Multi-Vehicle Sales Team, presents a framework for asset managers to hire, compensate, train, and sustain a cohesive salesforce that is able to coordinate and effectively sell multi-vehicle products. This requires firms to take a consultative sales approach. This study provides clarity on advisor expectations vis-à-vis the consultative sale and how to deliver on them. The report series includes the titles:

  • Selling ETFs Alongside Mutual Funds
  • Promoting the Consultative Sale

Get this report series to gain ideas for:

  • Optimizing your sales effectiveness with a cohesive, not competing, sales strategy.
  • Building an optimal consultative salesforce structure, process, and compensation.
  • Balancing and incentivizing multiple vehicle sales.
  • Three keys to success with the consultative sale.

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Primary Audience: Heads of Distribution, National Sales Managers


This report builds on previous DST research and surveys on wholesaler and financial advisor preferences and practices, and includes recent interviews with distribution executives at asset management firms.

Report Details

  • 11 pages
  • Released 11/30/2016
  • Author: Matt Fronczke

categories: etf/etfs, mutual funds, consulting, national sales manager, advisor teams

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