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Even as many firms are satisfied with their current level of sales activity, the headwinds to active asset management are strengthening. With the rise of passive investments, emergence of low-cost robo-advisors, changing demographics among the many challenges asset managers face ahead, the future of distribution will not look the same as it does today – and the sales organization needs to change to keep up.

Distribution Solutions Modernized Sales Team illustrationOur latest report, A Modernized Sales Team, finds that from sales team organization, roles, and compensation, vital components of sales organization at asset management firms have remained largely unchanged for the past two decades. As the demands of the client-financial advisors continue to rapidly change, the sales force must modernize in response. Some of this can be done with data analytics, some by refining roles, some by aligning compensation to firm goals – all of it by a willingness to break from business as usual.

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  • Learn the challenges and goals for today’s national sales managers.
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  • Evaluate whether your sales team is evolving to be competitive.
  • Get actionable steps to adapt sales team structures and roles to fit the future industry.

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Primary Audience: Asset Management leadership, Heads of Distribution, National Sales Managers, Research


DST conducted interviews with selected asset management distribution executives and analyzed 18 survey responses from national sales managers.

Table of Contents

  • Progressive Divisional Sales Management
  • A Progressive External Sales Force
  • A Progressive Internal Sales Force
  • Conclusion
  • Methodology

List of Exhibits

  • Challenges and Goals for National Sales Managers
  • Challenges in the Intermediary Market
  • National Sales Managers’ Wish-List
  • Science Informing Art
  • Difference in Ranking between Ideal and Actual DSM Activities
  • Percentage of Firms Offering Formal Training by Role
  • Percentage of DSM Compensation Tied to Management Metrics
  • Source of New Divisionals
  • Single Desired Focus for Externals
  • Advisors' Most Appreciated Interaction with New Externals
  • Challenges to Targeting the Best Advisors
  • Primary Direction for Externals’ Time Allocation on Advisors & Firms
  • External Tiers That Have Had the Most Success with Advisor Segmentation
  • Single Desired Focus for Internals
  • Sales Desks in Multiple Locations
  • Current Steps toward a Modernized Sales Team

Report Details

  • 37 pages
  • Released 4/9/2015
  • Author: Jeff Strange

categories: national sales manager, national sales manager, advanced analytics

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