Research Study Navigating the Storm: Modern Instruments for a New Age in Asset Management

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The long bull market has continued to push assets under management to record levels and to boost the operating margins for asset and wealth managers. But it can’t mask the impacts of persistent trends that are upending the traditional business models, products, and distribution strategies of the asset and wealth management industry – threatening the survival of many firms.

Our new white paper, Navigating the Storm: Modern Instruments for a New Age in Asset Management, explores the three disruptors transforming the asset and wealth industry, the investments and changes a few forward-looking firms are implementing to position themselves to thrive and what we believe firms need to do weather the storm.

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  • The impacts demographic changes, continuing fee compression, and the emergence of advanced technologies have on firms.
  • The four key areas to invest in and transform with business intelligence and advanced technology.
  • The three value disciplines that can help you re-invent your business models.

Primary Audience: Senior management at Asset and Wealth Managers, Heads of Distribution, CMOs, Marketing Managers, National Sales Managers, Sales, Product, and Marketing Teams, Business Analytics Managers

categories: advisor segmentation, advanced analytics, advisor engagement/client engagement, mutual funds, fund distribution

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