Research Study Increasing Advisor Engagement with Online Personalization


The website is, in many cases, the first direct contact an advisor has with an asset management firm’s brand. With three of five financial advisors indicating that online capabilities impact their perception of the brand, and half of advisors saying they can’t find information they are looking for on the website, marketing teams have their work cut out for them in making better use of the website and online personalization to engage and nurture advisors along the customer journey.

Our latest research, Increasing Advisor Engagement With Online Personalization, examines the ways asset managers can use the advisor data they already have and the sophisticated technology that is readily available to recommend content, products and next best course of actions for known (and unknown) advisors – creating relevant, personalized experiences that increase engagement.

Distribution Solutions Increase Advisor Engagement illustrationGet this report to learn the:

  • Five steps to implementing real-time digital engagement.
  • Four ways to engage advisors with predictive content recommendations.
  • Roadmap for boosting advisor engagement online.

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Primary Audience: CMOs, Marketing Managers, E-Business Managers


DST surveyed 26 asset managers and conducted interviews with industry executives as well as vendors for this study

Table of Contents

  • Capturing the attention of increasingly elusive advisors
  • Using data to move from mass marketing to building relationships
  • Building a foundation for effective online personalization
  • Using predictive recommendations to become relevant

Report Details

  • 38 pages
  • Released 3/16/2016
  • Author: Julia Binder

categories: advisor engagement/client engagement, content marketing, personalization, marketing strategy

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