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For today’s financial advisors, it’s a buyer’s market. With more investment options, more information, and more resources available to them than ever before, financial advisors expect a personalized customer experience. To earn and keep their business, asset managers, ETF providers and insurers must focus on the entire arc of experiences advisors have with the company’s brand, that is: the advisor customer journey.

The typical marketing/funnel sales pipeline approach is out of synch with advisors’ wants and needs. Because her perceptions, preferences, needs and decision-making strategies are constantly evolving, the advisor’s customer journey is much more fluid than the asset manager’s traditional marketing and sales processes. Distribution Solutions Grow Sales Loyalty illustration

DST’s new whitepaper Growing Sales and Loyalty With the Advisor Customer Journey identifies the six stages of the advisor’s customer journey and highlights the key challenges and opportunities for asset managers to consider in developing their customer journey approach.

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  • Get a full understanding of the six stages an advisor undergoes.
  • Examine the implications and the opportunities to optimize each stage for the advisor.
  • Track the customer journey of two advisors as they go through each stage.
  • Get recommendations for mapping your firm’s customer journey approach .

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Growing Sales & Loyalty with the Advisor Customer Journey
  • Influencing the Advisor Customer Journey
  • The Journey Continues
  • Translating The Advisor’s Customer Journey into Sales & Marketing
  • Explore More Topics & Data Related to the Advisor Journey

List of Exhibits

  • The Advisor Journey
  • Companies With a Customer Journey Approach
  • Percent Of Advisors by Asset Allocation Investment Style
  • What Played a Role in Fund Decisions?
  • Advisors' Preferred Means of Communication With Asset Managers
  • Website Personalization
  • Reading Email on Mobile Device
  • Content That Advisors Share
  • A Tale of Two Advisor Journeys
  • 360 Degree Advisor Record
  • Comprehensive Advisor's Customer Journey

Report Details

  • 29 pages
  • Released January 28, 2015
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: advisor engagement/client engagement, advisor customer journey, advisor decision journey, buying behavior

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