Research Study Using Enterprise Social Collaboration for Business Growth and Innovation

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In today’s environment of unprecedented immediacy requiring rapid responses to changes in the market, leading firms understand the source of their growth and innovation is their employees. And while 66% of asset managers and insurers have already adopted enterprise collaboration technologies, those who’ve also implemented enterprise social collaboration tools, like Salesforce Chatter or IBM Connections, have seen employees working together across business functions and times zones to resolve business problems more quickly, improve customer service, and generate more ideas for improvement and innovation.

These benefits are among the topics discussed in our report, Using Enterprise Social Collaboration for Business Growth and Innovation. We dive deep into what social collaboration enables, the value of social collaboration, how to implement it at firms seeking to pilot the program, and steps to becoming a truly social business.

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  • Understand what business problems can be addressed with social collaboration technology.
  • Consider the key factors when choosing effective tools.
  • Implement social collaboration technology pilots, including the development of requirements.
  • Drive adoption of social collaboration among leadership and across the employee population.
  • Extend social collaboration with customers.

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Primary Audience: Heads of E-Business, Marketing, Digital Strategy, Research, Corporate Communications, and IT


DST conducted a web-based survey of asset management and insurance firms with quantitative and qualitative questions. Responses from 33 firms were analyzed and interviews were conducted with executives from selected firms and vendors.

Table of Contents

  • Why Social Collaboration is Important
  • Piloting Social Collaboration
  • Becoming a Social Business
  • What a Social Business Looks Like
  • How Kasina Can Help

List of Exhibits

  • Majority Of Firms Use Enterprise Collaboration Technology
  • Unite Workforce Around Shared Benefits
  • Evolution of Enterprise Collaboration Technology
  • Majority of Firms Provide Social Collaboration Tools
  • GE Colab Screen Capture: December Energy Summit
  • GE Colab Screen Capture: Internal Apps
  • GE Colab Screen Capture: Tagged and Annotated Documents
  • Effectiveness Of Company Efforts To Engage Employees
  • Company Leadership's Attitude toward Enterprise Social Collaboration Tools
  • Company Support for Social Collaboration Tools
  • Top Priorities for Using Social Collaboration Technology
  • Who Is Essential To Involve In Developing Requirements
  • Ranking of Compliance Challenges
  • Communicating Value to Employees
  • Corporate Social Media Policy Is Essential
  • Executive Use of Social Collaboration Is Essential
  • How Active is Company Leadership
  • Reasons Given For Mass Collaboration Challenges
  • Early Business Outcomes Firms Have Achieved
  • Next Steps to Becoming A Social Business
  • Survey Respondents by Firm Size

Report Details

  • 33 pages
  • Released 6/5/2015
  • Author: Julia Binder

categories: marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media, digital advice

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