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Marketers are increasingly being asked to demonstrate the impact of their efforts to the company’s bottom line. For marketing teams at asset management firms, much emphasis is placed on factors such as AUM growth and earned media as key metrics. Yet, our Advisor Insights survey results show that as performance fell during the August-September 2015 bout of market volatility, so did advisors’ perceptions of asset managers. In order to support their firm’s growth of AUM over the long-term, marketing teams at asset managers must focus on measurable customer-centric strategies that engage and nurture advisor relationships through up and down markets.

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Our report, Using Engagement Metrics to Demonstrate Marketing Impact, takes a look at why and how marketing plays a key role in contributing to the firm’s business by gauging and optimizing advisors’ interactions with the company along their decision journey. It introduces the Advisor Engagement Score — a new model that measures marketing’s impact in helping advisors advance along each stage of their decision process.

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  • What the Advisor Engagement Score (AES) is and how it works.
  • How to tailor the AES to your firm’s goals and assess your marketing effectiveness to those goals.
  • Ways to forge deeper connections with advisors.
  • How to better demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the firm.

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Primary Audience: CMOs, Heads of Marketing, E-Business Managers


DST surveyed 23 asset managers and conducted interviews with industry executives.

Table of Contents

  • Current Metrics are Not Measuring What Matters
  • Measure Customer Engagement
  • Next Steps to Improve Marketing Metrics

Report Details

  • 42 pages
  • Released 4/13/2016
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: advisor websites, personalization, branding, advisor engagement/client engagement, digital marketing

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