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In our recently released What Advisors Do Online 2016 report series, findings showed that 72.8% of today’s advisors say the digital experiences provided by asset managers influence their perception of the firm’s capabilities, up from 58.7% in 2015. Only 16.3%, however, think that asset managers are meeting their digital expectations. Which firms are delivering industry-leading advisor engagement across their digital ecosystem?

Distribution Solutions Digital Engagement Leaders 2016 illustrationDST's inaugural, annual Digital Engagement Leaders 2016 report series evolves from our past annual advisor website rankings. As the subtitle It’s Not Just About the Website Anymore states, this series looks at the full arc of interactions advisors have with each firm and evaluates how effectively each provides personalized, omni-channel experiences to present the Top 5 Digital Engagement Leaders in 2016. This series encompasses the titles:

  • It’s Not Just About the Website Anymore
  • Connecting to the Mobile Advisor
  • Networking With the Social Advisor
  • Making It Easy to Do Business With You
  • Enhancing Engagement in the Inbox
  • Profiles in Omni-Channel Differentiation

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  • Examine the top firms are leading the way in use of website, mobile, social media, segmentation, and email to provide a highly engaging digital experience.
  • Get best practices and examples highlighting them.

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Primary Audience: CMOs, Marketing Managers, Heads of Distribution, Sales Managers


DST's study is based on our proprietary methodology to evaluate asset managers’ efforts to engage advisors on and across the most influential channels—the advisor website, email, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog—as well as both desktop and mobile devices. Thirty-one small, mid and large-cap firms ranging from $92M to $2.6T during July-August 2016 were evaluated.

Report Details

  • 32 pages
  • Released 10/25/2016
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: advisor websites, social media, timely content, digital marketing, omni channel

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