Research Study Debunking 4 Myths of Selling to RIAs

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The competition for the assets of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) is stiff. While RIA sales teams continue to expand to tap into this fast-growing channel, RIAs have actually been doing business with fewer asset managers. Moreover, the diversity of this channel makes it challenging to prospect. To tackle this complex market, asset managers often rely on generalized assumptions that often hamper their efforts to win over this channel.

DST’s latest research Debunking 4 Myths of Selling to RIAs investigates the common misconceptions many asset managers hold that derail their sales efforts in this space:

  1. Models are not a driving force with RIAs.
  2. Multi-asset funds are the best antidote for active managers.
  3. Meeting with RIAs equals investments from RIAs.
  4. RIAS don’t want to hear a product pitch.

This report includes:

  • The practical realities belying the four myths.
  • Evidence to support the need for more resources and new strategies to optimize the customer journey and increase market share with RIAs.
  • Insights into how other asset managers are pursuing the RIA market.
  • Actionable recommendations for more effectively prospecting an service this channel.

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Primary Audience: Asset management leadership and distribution executives — particularly RIA channel heads


DST, in conjunction with Horsesmouth, conducted a survey of 150 RIAs as well as interviews with selected asset management distribution executives.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Myth 1: Models Are Not A Driving Force With RIAs
  • Myth 2: Multi-Asset Funds Are The Active Antidote To Passive
  • Myth 3: Meetings With Rias = Investments From Rias
  • Myth 4: RIAs Don’t Want Your Product Pitch
  • Combat The Myths & Grow Ria Assets With The Advisor Journey
  • Methodology

List of Exhibits

  • Number Of Firms With Which Advisors Did Business In Past 24 Months
  • The General Customer Journey For Advisors
  • RIAs Are Heavy Model Users
  • Most Helpful Type Of Portfolio Analytics Service
  • Preferred Delivery Of Portfolio Analytics Service
  • Content Bulls-Eye Approach
  • Bull’s Eye Content Example
  • Concentration Of The RIA Market
  • Strategic Segmentation Should Encompass A Variety Of Behavioral Factors
  • Advisors’ Plans For Active Funds Over The Next Year
  • Rias’ Passive Funds Use By Type Of Allocation
  • Frequency Of Multi-Asset Fund Use
  • Top Choices Among RIAs Who Use Multi-Asset Funds
  • Website Content That Played A Key Role In RIAs’ Investment Decisions
  • Differentiating The Investment Process
  • Putnam's Capital Spectrum Fund Profile
  • RIA Sales Teams
  • Three-Quarters Of RIAs Did Not Meet With Any Firms
  • RIAs’ Preferred Means Of Interaction With Asset Managers
  • Top 3 Reasons RIAs Met With A New Wholesaler
  • Percentage Of Rias With Marketing Personnel
  • Bridge Model Of Compensation
  • Advisor Matching Example
  • Top 5 Best Investment Ideas Received In The Past 6 Months
  • What Makes RIAs More Likely To Choose A Firm’s Products?
  • Alignment Guide Example
  • Services RIAs Definitely Want
  • Services RIAs Definitely Want, By AUM
  • Top 5 Portfolio Issues Over Next Six Months

Report Details

  • 58 pages
  • Released 6/29/2015
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: ria/rias, mutual funds, industry trends

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