Research Study Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Managers for 2020

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While many asset managers have benefitted from a largely constructive business environment over the past several years, the industry is on the brink of transformational change. Industry consolidation, fee compression, and new and emerging technologies are challenging current business models. In order to survive and thrive in uncertain markets, asset managers must close significant gaps between client needs and product features, distribution models and distributor demands, and marketing practices and client expectations.

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DST's new free white paper, Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Managers for 2020, first takes a look at the major trends impacting the asset management industry. Next, it highlights the opportunities leading firms are taking to integrate advanced analytics and transform their product, distribution, marketing, client relationship, product, and value proposition strategies to meet the evolving requirements and expectations of professional buyers and investors.

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Primary Audience: Asset manager CEOs, CMOs, Heads of Distribution, Heads of Product, Heads of Business Intelligence


Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Managers for 2020 is based on findings from DST's Advisor Insights survey, conducted in November 2016 in partnership with Horsesmouth, of 416 US financial advisors; a survey of 26 asset managers; and prior DST research.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Finding Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace
  • What Asset Managers Need to Do
  • Are you ready for 2020?

Report Details

  • 20 pages
  • Released 02/2/2017
  • Author: Julia Binder

categories: c-suite, investment strategy/investment product, industry trends, marketing strategy, distribution strategy

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