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When sales and marketing are aligned—and ultimately, truly integrated—these two disparate teams become a single, cohesive force that drives stronger asset growth and delivers a consistent, loyalty-inducing experience for advisors and investors. But as DST's latest research shows, only 24% of surveyed asset managers have achieved enough alignment to work as partners toward the firm’s goals.

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Instead of working together to grow assets under management, disconnects and friction between sales and marketing abound at asset managers today. Yet, third-party research shows organizations with highly aligned sales and marketing achieve significantly higher revenue growth, sales win rates, and customer retention rates.

Our latest research, Aligning Sales & Marketing to Win Customers, examines the critical issues impeding the alignment of sales and marketing teams. More importantly, More importantly, this report provides actionable recommendations to forge greater alignment, including:

  • Using our 4 Degrees of Integration model to map the path to becoming a more revenue-driven, customer-centric sales and marketing unit.
  • Learning best practices across seven key areas.
  • Utilize our Checklist of Recommendations to identify and fix the alignment gaps within your teams.

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Primary Audience: Heads of Marketing, Distribution, Sales, e-Business, Digital Strategy, Analytics, and Brand Management


DST surveyed 42 marketing and distribution executives at asset management firms, conducted interviews with selected executives, and performed secondary research.

Table of Contents

  • Recommendations Checklist
  • Executive Summary
  • The Significance of Alignment
  • Asset Manager Alignment
  • Creating a More Profitable, Productive and Customer-Centric Relationship
  • Get Started
  • Methodology

List of Exhibits

  • Who Is Measured On Revenue Growth?
  • A Snapshot of Manager Alignment
  • Sales and Marketing Input
  • Shared Goals For Sales And Marketing
  • Aligning Performance To Results
  • Shifting Marketing Metrics Improves Outcomes
  • High Contributors
  • How Sales And Marketing Plan
  • The Advisor's Buying Journey
  • Align Sales Conversations With A Messaging Command Center
  • Do Sales And Marketing Meet At Least Weekly?
  • Inadequate CRM
  • Access To Real-time Customer Information In A Single Place
  • Marketing’s Most Important Activities
  • Importance Of Marketing Input On Key Account Strategy
  • SLAs and Lead Management
  • Where Sales And Marketing Report
  • Next Steps To Advance Alignment
Report Details
  • 55 pages
  • Released 6/8/2016
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: sales and marketing alignment, national sales manager, c-suite

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