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Even as the advisor landscape is rapidly becoming more complex and fragmented, sales and marketing teams at many asset management firms aren’t getting enough value out of their segmentation strategies because they have limited data on a narrow set of advisors — typically the ones with whom they already do business. To better pinpoint their likeliest targets and more effectively cross-sell and service their existing clients, asset managers must know how advisors are building portfolios and better leverage their client data.

Our new report, Advisor Portfolio Segmentation for Mutual Fund Use, analyzed the mutual fund transaction histories and asset positions of more than 150,000 financial advisors and seamlessly and accurately placed them into five segments, or “personas”: diversified fund allocators, dynamic asset allocators, domestic fund allocators, multi-asset fund allocators, and fixed-income fund allocators. From this analysis, we developed a Multi-Factor Segmentation Framework using demographic, sales and behavioral data to understand who these advisors are, the size of the opportunity, and the best way to engage with them.

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  • How advisors are actually building portfolios, including their proclivity to certain investment vehicles, product categories and asset classes.
  • The grouping advisors of five segments according to their actual portfolio holdings and transaction histories.
  • Using the Multi-Factor Segmentation Framework to enhance sales and marketing opportunities and processes, including pinpointing new business opportunities, tailoring content and messaging, and improving client service.

Purchasers of this report also receive a personalized DST analyst presentation. Learn what our analysis of hundreds of thousands of advisors shows about their portfolio construction approaches to advance your segmentation strategies. Purchase the report today.

Primary Audience: Asset Managers, Sales and Marketing Teams, Business Analytics Managers, Heads of Distribution, CMOs, Marketing Managers, National Sales Managers


DST Distribution Soltuions developed our Multi-factor Segmentation Framework by performing a k-means analysis of mutual fund transaction data from nearly 150,000 advisors to logically group advisors based on investment philosophy and investment allocation factors into actionable segments with full personas.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Significance of Data in Segmentation
  • Our Segmentation Approach
  • Four Steps to Implementing Segmentation
  • Segmentation Conclusion

Report Details

  • 24 pages
  • Released 10/27/2016
  • Author: Jason Dauwen

categories: advisor segmentation, advanced analytics, mutual funds, fund distribution, advisor engagement/client engagement

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