Research Study Advancing the Advisor Decision Journey with the Advisor Website

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An advisor website is one of the most powerful tools asset managers have when looking to stand out among similar products. It becomes especially important during the second half of the Advisor Decision Journey when customers begin to look for additional color and context to help them identify the best fund for a client’s portfolio, materials to help communicate the decision to the client or for clearer understanding about a fund’s performance.

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In DST's latest research, Advancing the Advisor Decision Journey with the Advisor Website, we evaluate 43 mutual fund sites and utilize survey results from more than 450 financial advisors from previous research to evaluate and rank advisor websites. In addition, we provide recommendations on how to personalize, improve content and generally optimize the sites for use on all devices in order to help asset managers better serve advisors.

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  • Our 16th annual ranking of the Top 5 Websites for Financial Intermediaries, highlighting the key elements of what makes them the best of the best.
  • Evidence to support the need for more resources and new strategies to optimize the customer journey and increase engagement.
  • Insights into how other asset managers are successfully personalizing the website experience and catering to advisors’ needs.
  • Recommendations to successfully and cost-effectively turn interest into sales and increased loyalty.

Purchasers of this report also receive a personalized DST analyst presentation. Find out who the leaders are and how asset managers can better use their websites to successfully advance the advisor decision journey. Purchase the report today!

Primary Audience: Asset management e-business executives, CMOs

Secondary Audience: CEOs, CFOs, heads of IT, data analytics and distributions


DST evaluated 43 mutual fund websites for financial advisors in August 2015 with sites representing a wide range of firms – from diverse financial services firms to niche assets managers, and AUMs ranging from $13 billion to $2 trillion. In addition, we surveyed 28 firms and conducted interviews and attended demos with seven asset management firms.

Table of Contents

  • Advancing the Advisor Decision Journey with the Advisor Website
  • Exploring Investment Options
  • Executing Investment Decisions
  • Monitoring the Investment
  • Top Sites
  • Methodology

Report Details

  • 76 pages
  • Released 09/30/2015
  • Author: Tracy Needham

categories: advisor websites, advisor decision journey, consulting, distribution strategy

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