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In a market crowded with similar products, impacted by revolutionizing digital technologies, and pressured by customer expectations shaped by their experiences with other brands within and outside the asset management industry, digital marketers play a vital role in attracting and retaining clients.

Digital Strategy Insights (DSI) is a monthly publication specifically for senior marketing and digital marketing executives, senior distribution, IT, and BI executives at asset management firms to help them stay on top of new ideas, trends, and insights from industry data.

Each client subscribing to DSI receives monthly analyst interactions with experienced consultants to address firm-specific issues. These monthly strategy calls help bring various business units together to discuss how marketing teams can cut costs, attract more clients, and better service current clients.

DSI will evaluate your firm’s website, email, mobile, and social media competitiveness across the industry landscape to enable stronger strategies and tactics. DSI helps you compare and measure success of your website and email initiatives to competitors, validate the costs of your campaigns and/or budgets, and much more. You will also be able to customize how you interact with your data through a new online portal.

Recent Articles

October 2018

+ Age Matters – Digital Differences in Online Behavior

+ Five Steps to Fostering a Partnership with Compliance

+ Digital Insights: Increasing Engagement with Advisors Under 40

+ Marketing Actively Managed Strategies

+ Digital Insights: How to Market Effectively to RIAs

September 2018

+ Using Transparency about Fees as a Marketing Differentiator

+ Five Ways to Improve the About Us Section

+ The Significant Role Marketing Plays in Modern Distribution

+ Digital Insights: Digital Experiences Play a Key Role in Advisors’ Decisions to do Business with Asset Managers

August 2018

+ Digital Insights: BI’s Role in Sales and Marketing

+ Using Business Intelligence on Influence, Value, and Opportunity to Optimize Sales and Marketing Strategies

+ Twelve Tips for Writing Good Survey Questions

+ Five Metrics to Measure Email Effectiveness

July 2018

+ The Essential Role of the Marketing Technologist

+ Upgrading the Four Ps for Professional Buyers

+ Aligning Marketing and National Accounts on Strategic Relationships

+ Digital Insights: Closing the Marketing Tech Gap in Asset Management

+ Collaborating on Cybersecurity to Protect Brand Reputation and Value

June 2018

+ Seven Steps to Successfully Weather a Social Media Attack

+ Using Influencers to Increase Engagement

+ Digital Insights: Three Keys to Aligning on Strategic Accounts

+ Enabling Sales with Online Conferencing

May 2018

+ Managing the Mobile Experience for Millennial Advisors

+ Getting More Traction at Industry Conferences

+ Digital Insights: More Traffic to Asset Manager Sites Comes By Smartphone

+ Three Keys to Effectively Communicating Investment Philosophy and Process

April 2018

+ What are Bounce Rates Telling You?

+ Digital Insights: Asset Manager Website Engagement is Trending Upward

+ What Site Search Should Do

+ Making ESG Tangible

March 2018

+ A Deep Dive into Lead Scoring

+ Digital Insights: Gaps in Digital Engagement Firms can Quickly Close

+ Three Fixes Firms Need to Make Today before Tackling Technology for Tomorrow

+ Three Traits Propel 2017 Digital Engagement Leaders to the Top

February 2018

+ Digital Insights: Advisors Start to Use Voice Assistants

+ Five Ways to Infuse Bios with Personality

+ Three Ways to Distinguish Your Products for Advisors

+ Models of Modern BI Teams

+ Three Ideas for Using Alexa Skills for Content Marketing

January 2018

+ The Impact of Automation on Sales and Marketing Roles

+ Digital Insights: How to Sway an Advisor when Products are Comparable

+ 2018 Predictions for Digital Engagement

+ Six Signals of Advisor Engagement and How to Increase It

December 2017

+ Five Steps to Increasing Webinar ROI

+ Think Conversations, Not Campaigns, with Triggered Emails

+ Digital Insights: Asset Managers are Sending More Email Invitations

+ Designing for Wearables to Support Marketing and Sales Enablement

November 2017

+ Using Progressive Profiling To Build Stronger Relationships

+ Digital Insights: Does More Traffic Equal More Engagement?

+ Providing Data And Digital Tools For Gatekeeper Research Teams

+ Four Ways Emotional Intelligence Is Shaping Marketing

+ Using Technology To Read Digital Body Language

October 2017

+ 11 Tips to Make Your Data Sing

+ Digital Insights: How Do Asset Manager Email Metrics Compare to Other Industries?

+ Using Transactional Emails to Drive Engagement

+ Enhancing Your Marketing of ETFs

+ Using Chatbots to Close the Gap between Sales and Marketing

September 2017

+ How Chatbots Improve Sales Enablement Efforts

+ Three Keys to Motivate Sales and Marketing Alignment

+ Gaining Content Efficiency with Editorial Boards

+ Digital Insights: A Look at Search Terms

August 2017

+ How Marketing may be Impacted by Evolving Sales Coverage Models

+ Using Content Performance Measurement Tools to Develop and Optimize High-Value Content

+ Leveraging Your Investment in Outbound Marketing

+ How Firms are Aligning Budgets with Priorities

July 2017

+ Digital Insights: A Look at Asset Manager Web Traffic Patterns

+ Lessons Drawn from Modern Digital Experiences

+ Investing in Search Engine Marketing to Improve Lead Quality

+ Building Modern Marketing Teams

+ Three Ways to Generate Data-Informed Content Ideas

June 2017

+ Digital Insights: Which Web Pages Get the Most Traffic?

+ Building Awareness with Investors

+ Laying the Data Foundation for Marketing Attribution

+ Engaging Advisors with Interactive Experiences

+ Including Snackable Content in Your Editorial Calendar

May 2017

+ Getting Compliance and Sales on Board with Wholesaler Use of LinkedIn

+ Using Design Thinking as a Strategic Differentiator

+ Account Access for Direct Investors: Five Principles for Success

+ Stacking Your MarTech Deck

+ Digital Insights: A Look at Web Traffic from Social Media

April 2017

+ Making Four Types of Key Content Information-Rich and Mobile-Friendly

+ Aligning Marketing And Sales With Account-Based Marketing

+ Using Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Product Marketing

+ Four Ways to Boost Email Open Rates

+ Digital Insights: How Digital Engagement Leader Performance is Better

March 2017

+ Social Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

+ Best Practices for Presenting Multiple Product Lines

+ Digital Insights: Increase Advisor Engagement with Education

+ Using Explainers to Help Advisors Learn

+ Deliver Fast and Easy Answers on Mobile Devices

February 2017

+ Five Ways Artificial Intelligence can Improve Marketing Efficiency

+ Digital Insights: Firms were Prepared for Election Results

+ Leveraging Transparency as Part of Your Value Proposition

+ Reconciling What Advisors Say with What They Do

+ Fast-Tracking Content Advisors Need After Market-Moving Events

January 2017

+ Profiles In Omni-Channel Engagement

+ 2017 Predictions for Digital Engagement

+ Digital Insights: Web Traffic Sources are Shifting

+ How Marketing can Impact Distributor Relationships

+ Delivering an Effective and Engaging Instagram Story

December 2016

+ A First Look at Chatbots

+ Preparing for Voice-Based Search

+ Three Ways to Get More Advisors to Share Your Facebook Posts

+ Digital Insights: Digital Engagement Leaders Drive More Web Traffic from More Sources

+ Upcycling Content for Greater Marketing Impact

November 2016

+ Tactics for Increasing Advisor Interest in Your Blog

+ Quiz: How Good is Your Digital Marketing?

+ Digital Insights: 2016 Brings Changes to Web Traffic

+ Using LinkedIn for Precise Targeting

+ Maximizing the Value of “Premium” Ad Network Buys

October 2016

+ Product Profiles: Spotlight What Third Parties Can’t

+ Break Out of the Data Table Box with More Effective Visualizations

+ Five Key Skills for High-Impact Marketing Teams

+ Digital Insights: Email is Not Dead

+ Using LinkedIn to Engage Advisors

September 2016

+ Digital Insights: Are Advisors Receptive to Text Messages from Asset Managers?

+ Expanding Engagement and Reach with Visual Content

+ Improving Email Click-Through Rates Using A/B Testing

+ Beyond the Homepage

+ What Advisors Expect from Asset Managers When Markets are Volatile

August 2016

+ Providing Value to Customers and the Firm with Client Portals

+ Digital Insights: Asset Manager Site Traffic by Geography

+ Closing the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

+ Motivating Advisor Behavior with Gamification

+ Getting Better Mileage from Anticipated News Events

July 2016

+ Four Strategies to Win Greater Cooperation from Sales

+ Using an Editorial Calendar to Improve Responsiveness

+ Digital Insights: What do Top Advisor Sites Have in Common?

+ Attracting and Retaining Talent

+ Benefits of Spending Time to Understand Wholesalers

June 2016

+ Digital Insights: Website Traffic From Search Engines

+ Creating Real-Time Connections with Live Streaming Video

+ Building for Speed: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

+ Boosting Sales Force Effectiveness with Gamification

+ Engaging Advisors with Effective Email Subject Lines

May 2016

+ Improving Search for Mobile Users

+ Exploring Voice-Activated Devices as a New Channel for Doing Business

+ Using an Omni-Channel Approach to Provide Great Customer Experiences

+ Digital Insights: Mobile Searches for Product Info

+ Elevating the Customer in Marketing Metrics

Everyone knows that a strong customer focus has many benefits for the firm. But if you don’t have customer-focused metrics, you can’t effectively track progress or demonstrate the resulting value for the firm.

A survey for our recent report, Using Engagement Metrics to Demonstrate Marketing Impact, found that customer loyalty and customer retention ranked last among the marketing impact metrics asset managers currently use. Only one in five firms ranked customer loyalty among their top three metrics. Just over one in 10 did the same for customer retention. The good news is that eight in 10 firms have put these two customer metrics at the top of their lists to start or improve tracking.

What’s even more surprising is that despite all the talk about becoming customer-focused, few are tracking the impact marketing has on customers...

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April 2016

+ Five Best Practices for Sponsored Content

+ Telling a Better Brand Story with Native Advertising

+ Integrating Texting as an Additional Communication Channel

+ Digital Insights: Financial News and Research Sites Drive Valuable Traffic

+ Four Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Following

March 2016

+ Digital Insights: Engaging More Advisors with Web and Email

+ Drawing Attention to Product Expertise with Interactive Tools

+ Three Keys to Increasing Site Search Success

+ Digital Insights: Closing the Engagement Gap with Predictive Content Recommendations

+ Typecasting: Targeting Emails to Advisor Segments

February 2016

+ Five Principles to Follow Before Asking “Content or Layout First?”

+ Using Podcasts to Engage Listening Advisors

+ Measuring the Value of Value-Add Programs with Voice Analytics

+ Five Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Boost Engagement

+ Digital Insights: Driving Better Advisor Site Traffic

January 2016

+ Digital Insights: A Focus on Newsletter and Commentary Email

+ 2016 Predictions for Digital Engagement

+ Embracing the Dynamic Elements of HTML for Thought Leadership and Commentary

+ Using Micro-Moments for Sales Enablement

+ Three Navigation Approaches to Welcome New Site Visitors

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