WalletShare™ The Next Generation of Market Share Service

Growing sales and retaining assets in today’s environment requires timely, accurate market share data, and analysis into your distribution partners by territory, channel, firm, and office.

WalletShare™ integrates and analyzes multiple data streams to provide you with dynamic information to help you:

  • Evaluate your sales across all key channels and lines of business.
  • Precisely target and grow your business with existing clients and prospects with dozens of analytics, including office-level and market share data by:
    • Morningstar® category
    • Ratings Matchups
    • New Products Sold
    • Top Growing Categories
    • Asset Manager Loyalty Scores
    • And more
  • Get answers to your specific territory, product, and firm level questions in easily-consumable graphs and numbers presented in our Distribution Intelligence platform.

Gain insights quickly and in the field by accessing WalletShare anytime, anywhere through your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Your WalletShare data can also be exported to your CRM and/or sales reporting systems. Information is relative to all other participating WalletShare customers.

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