Holding Period Analysis How Sticky are Your Assets?

While industry AUM and revenue are forecasted to grow, many firms are struggling with negative net flows impacting their profitability.

Identifying advisors who buy and hold your investments enables you to allocate resources and align compensation to increase business with distribution partners with higher asset retention rates.

Holding Period Analysis helps you see at a glance each of your advisors’ retention: how long each advisor retains shares of your funds. You can also view and export comprehensive reports that track persistency by investment category, portfolio, and even share class.

Use Holding Period Analysis to:

  • View and compare asset retention rates at the firm, office, and individual advisor level.
  • Track asset retention trends across multiple time periods and monitor relationships that appear to be “at risk”.
  • Allocate your sales and marketing resources and tailor campaigns based on your most persistent relationships.
  • Manage profitability by aligning payouts in selling agreements to the retention rates of distribution relationships.
  • Adjust sales force compensation to reward higher asset retention rates.

Our solution is easy to use and can be integrated with your marketing automation and CRM systems.

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