Take the Guesswork Out of Advisor Practice Analysis

As advisors take more sophisticated approaches to managing client portfolios and exploring diverse investment products in a crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever for asset management organizations to segment and understand advisor behaviors and preferences.

At most firms, however, sales and marketing teams just aren’t getting enough value out of their segmentation strategies because they have limited data on a narrow set of advisors – typically the ones with whom they already do business.

Advisor Practice Analysis is a DST WalletShare product module that provides you with data and insights into the mutual fund portfolios of more than 150,000 active US financial advisors. It performs a bottom-up analysis of the assets and transactions of each advisor’s portfolio and scores it on multiple factors to help you:

  • Augment your firm’s existing advisor segmentation program.
  • Get a detailed profile of each of your current and prospective advisors, including portfolio holdings by broad asset class allocation and other key attributes.
  • Segment and place each advisor into a specific cluster profile.
  • Focus your sales and marketing resources on more impactful initiatives targeting your current and prospective advisors.
  • Identify advisor trends and product usage and manage product development initiatives.

Included with this service is our Advisor Insights — ongoing, comprehensive surveys of the behaviors, preferences, and opinions of financial intermediaries analyzed to deliver tactical distribution recommendations unique to your firm’s distribution strategy. Information is relative to all other participating WalletShare customers.

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