Pharmacy Solutions Key Offerings

Government Programs Administration

Position your organization to focus on your highest priority – your members – by leveraging our comprehensive enrollment, administration, compliance and care management services for commercial and governmental markets, including Medicare and Medicaid

Specialty Drug Management

We offer a unique, patient-centric set of specialty drug management tools and services – including medical benefit drug management, site of care strategies, and specialty pharmacy benefit – to help health plans manage quality of care and optimize spending.

Trend Control and Quality Improvement Solutions

We offer tailored programs to help you manage the complexities that are inherent to the industry including fraud waste and abuse, electronic prior authorization and utilization management, and quality improvement solutions such as HEDIS, Star5, and DST Pharmacy Solutions medication adherence.

Formulary and Rebate Management

By integrating our formulary management platform into our claims adjudication system, we deliver enhanced self-service and full-service solutions that help to align your rebate strategy with your managed formulary, and provide unit cost price protections across key drugs.

Pharmacy Network Solutions

Our national retail pharmacy network services and management provides an alternative to traditional network solutions with full transparency and competitive rates across over 67,000 retail pharmacies, including all major chains and approximately 20,000 independents.

Core Claims Administration

DST's health care companies process more pharmacy and medical claims combined than any other provider in the market. Our solution provides payers the flexibility, functionality, and automation required to meet the processing requirements of virtually any health plan. As a result, we help payers reduce the risks, costs, and business disruption associated with core system conversion.

Member Services

We support growth objectives efficiently, and cost-effectively, while delivering high service quality through comprehensive and flexible solutions such as Call Center, Member Fulfillment, Member Access, and more.

Discount Drug Card Program

Our unique DDC program allows you to leverage our robust industry knowledge, expertise in providing pharmacy programs, and flexible administrative and management tools to satisfy your members and improve your bottom line.

Mail Order

Coming soon, a competitive Home Delivery solution to help control costs and increase patient adherence.

Prior Authorization

Advanced automated, streamlined solution that implements retrospective and prospective prior authorizations for medical benefit drugs including adjudication, formulary recommendations to the provider and savings reports.

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