Argus Health is now DST Pharmacy Solutions

DST Pharmacy Solutions is redefining the value of pharmacy in healthcare through the integration of advanced analytics, clinical insights, and transformative digital capabilities.

Building on our legacy of strong technology and pharmacy benefit administration, our convergent value-based solutions can help deliver better clinical and financial outcomes and allow you to think more strategically about the challenges you face.

Specialty drug management

We offer a unique, patient-centric set of specialty drug management tools and services – including medical benefit drug management, site of care strategies, and specialty pharmacy benefit – to help health plans manage quality of care and optimize spending.

Network management

We provide retail, specialty and mail order pharmacy network solutions and management at competitive rates transparent to our clients. We work closely with you to help determine the network strategy best suited to provide members optimal access while also working to operate cost effectively—helping you build networks that meet your needs.

Formulary and rebate management

By integrating our formulary management platform into our claims adjudication system, we deliver enhanced self-service and full-service solutions that help to align your rebate strategy with your managed formulary, and provide unit cost price protections across key drugs.

Drug utilization management

We provide an integrated approach to drug utilization management that can help health plans manage the complexity of utilization management and reach their objectives. Our standard utilization management edits are designed to promote the safe, rational use of drugs in areas such as quantity limits, age edits, gender edits, duplicate therapy, and drug Interactions.

Drug discount card programs

Provide your members a discount on cash claims for retail prescriptions that are not covered under the pharmacy benefit plan. Our seamless program helps improve member satisfaction and provides the health plan access to complete member claims, including cash claims to support disease management and utilization management programs.

Patient access programs

Our experience and flexible solutions for patient access programs are second to none. Discover how the power of RxNova™ and a seasoned team can deliver innovative solutions for your patient assistance, grant fund, coupon, voucher, or copay assist program.

Core claims administration

The RxNova™ proprietary claims processing system was developed to support our customers’ current and future requirements and opportunities. Our solution provides payers the flexibility, functionality, and automation required to meet the processing requirements of virtually any health plan.

Beyond the core capabilities, RxNova leverages data and advanced analytics to create data visualization and real-time benefit checks with physician desktop communication at the point of care.

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