Johns Hopkins ACG® System

“Person-focused” healthcare management means genuinely knowing your members and accurately forecasting their needs over time. Identifying patients at high risk, understanding provider performance, forecasting healthcare utilization based on medical and/or pharmacy claims, and identifying equitable payment rates can help you measure morbidity and help improve accuracy and fairness.

The Johns Hopkins ACG® System, included in our CareAnalyzer® solution has been used in commercial and research settings worldwide, longer and more extensively than any other system on the market today. It uniquely helps payers measure the impact of multi-morbidity by recognizing patterns of disease. As the exclusive US distributor of the Johns Hopkins ACG® Systems, we help payers and providers in all markets.

What it means for you:

  • Improved reporting capabilities that enable you to integrate supplemental data and custom models.
  • New and revised risk-assessment markers improve the categorization of mental illness, refine frailty concepts, and more.
  • New predictive models help you stratify your member population in new ways; for example, identifying persistent high users whose expenses don’t regress toward the mean.
  • Utilize Care Density scores, insights from social networking, and referral patterns between physicians to better coordinate care in complex patients.
  • Describe and manage healthier populations.
  • ACG System in the Military (video) - Visualization and use of the ACG System in the Military Health System.


  • Population Health (video) - Using the ACG System to support population health management in Baltimore City.


  • Predictive Modeling (video) - Patient selection based on segmentation and predictive modeling in the Comprehensive Care for Multimorbid Adults Program (CC-MAP).


  • Overview of the Johns Hopkins ACG System (video) - Karen Kinder, PhD, MBA, Executive Director, ACG System, gives an overview of the ACG System and its various applications to solve health care challenges worldwide. Dr. Kinder highlights how the different users including health organizations, national, and regional health authorities, clinic directors, and practitioners use the ACG System to improve accuracy and fairness in evaluating performance, identifying individuals at high risk, forecasting health care utilization, or setting equitable payment rates.


  • Various ACG System Applications (video) - Amy Salls, Director of Population Health Strategy at DST Health Solutions, provides a summary on the commercialization process and the various populations, applications, and user needs the ACG System helps in the United States.


  • System Development (video) - Chad Abrams, Director of US Operations, ACG System, briefly describes the Johns Hopkins ACG System, and highlights features included in the software’s latest release (Version 11).

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