SalesConnect™ Focus on Your Sales. Let Us Focus on Your Data.

From rep turnover to firm mergers to trading through clearing firms and omnibus accounts, keeping track of your financial intermediary sales may be consuming valuable firm resources. And if your data is unreliable, missing, or incorrect, you may be making key decisions based on bad sales data.

SalesConnect aggregates multiple retail and retirement recordkeeping sources daily to provide you with accurate, complete, and up-to-date information on the distribution partners selling your products.

Your SalesConnect dashboard enables you to:

  • Gain visibility into asset flows down to the individual advisor.
  • Get timely intelligence about purchases, redemptions, net sales, and assets.
  • Get detailed information on each advisor, research analyst, and support staff who make up an increasing number of advisor partnerships and teams.
  • More accurately measure performance and compensate your sales team.

SalesConnect offers flexible data delivery options, allowing you to receive daily, automated rep profile updates and reconciled sales and AUM through our web application, data files, the database or other major CRM system, or ad-hoc reporting database.

See how our rigorous data aggregation, cleansing, and enrichment have made us an industry leader in trade resolution data quality and insights – and why more than 100 of the largest US asset managers use SalesConnect.

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