Predictive Models

With the number of advisors shrinking, and fewer and fewer of them taking calls and meetings with a smaller number of asset managers, every interaction – online and in-person – can be a real or missed sales opportunity.

Segmenting your advisors, understanding where they are in their decision journey, and leveraging data from their touchpoints across your multiple channels can enable you to more effectively and efficiently engage them with the solutions they want when they need them.

Our Predictive Models for Mutual Funds helps you find, understand, and engage financial advisors with the investment products they are most likely to choose for their clients based on past behavior.

Segment and profile your advisors based on their historical value and responsiveness to sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Improve forecasting of the investment behavior of advisors based on their historical investing patterns under diverse market conditions.
  • Can be used to increase sales conversion rates by aligning sales and marketing campaigns with recommended next best actions.
  • Implement practices designed to retain and expand your sales with current advisors.

Our solution is easy to use and can be integrated with your marketing automation and CRM systems.

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