Distribution Intelligence

Increased competition, an ever-changing product landscape, difficulty meeting with advisors, and limited sales and marketing resources all complicate efforts to grow assets under management.

We enable companies to transform the way they grow market share with tools that deliver insights through the use of data, advanced analytics, and technology. Learn more about Distribution Intelligence from DST kasina, LLC.

Distribution Intelligence Platform

An integrated intelligence platform focused on asset growth and retention for distribution, marketing, and product groups in your organizations.

Holding Period Analysis

Calculates the average holding period of your assets for your distribution partners at the firm, office, and advisor level, enabling you to better allocate sales and marketing resources, nurture the most profitable relationships, and adjust sales force compensation to reward higher asset retention.

Predictive Models

Powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics to help you better understand financial advisors' behavior and determine the products they are most likely to choose for their customers.

Predictive Selling for REITs

Powerful predictive models and the largest collection of industry trade data provide product recommendations and help identify the best sales opportunities for alternative product sponsors.


Help transfer agent, sales, and marketing teams make better decisions through technology that aggregates, enriches, and delivers advisor data on a wide range of asset classes and account types.


Market share data and analytics identify opportunities, helps you precisely target advisors, and access insights quickly in the field with customized dashboards made available on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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