Grow Market Share. Retain Assets. Repeat.

Industry consolidation, new entrants, new technology, and regulatory pressures are transforming the asset management landscape, putting pressure on firms’ long-term profitability and strategies.

Our goal is to help your organization manage data, gain insight, and help you to ignite change in your business. You can better understand, predict, and optimize key business factors impacting your asset growth and profitability with our:

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Effective Product Marketing Strategies

This report series explores how asset managers can develop products that align with their brand, tell their story more effectively, and grow market share – and shows which leading firms are doing so.
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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities with Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Our newest report outlines the ways Marketing and Sales can use data from multiple touchpoints to jointly segment advisors and develop outbound marketing campaigns to acquire new business and retain assets.
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Prevailing in a Changing Distribution Landscape

This report series analyzes the long-term industry changes and their implications to asset managers and provides an assessment framework along with recommendations to modernize firms' distribution organizations.
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Solving the Marketing Attribution Mystery

This new report series helps asset managers understand the benefits of marketing attribution and leverage it to quantify and optimize marketing's impact.
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Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Managers for 2020

DST's new free white paper takes a look at the major trends impacting the asset management industry and provides recommendations for asset manager to change their distribution, product, and marketing organizations in order to thrive.
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The Multi-Vehicle Sales Team

Our latest, two-part research series presents a framework for asset managers to hire, compensate, train, and sustain a cohesive sales force that is able to coordinate and effectively sell multi-vehicle products.
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Prioritizing Distributor Relationships

Managers a framework to assess their relationships with their distribution partners and take action to improve those in strategic alignment with their goals.
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Advisor Portfolio Segmentation for Mutual Fund Use

This report analyzes the transactions and asset positions of 150,000 advisors and uses our Multi-Factor Segmentation Framework to provide more accurate insights for sales and marketing.
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Preparing Distribution Organizations for Digital Advice

Out latest robo advisor research provides practical steps distribution teams can take to capture opportunities in the digital advisory landscape.
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Digital Engagement Leaders 2016

Our first annual Digital Engagement Leaders 2016 research is a series of reports evaluating the asset managers leading the industry in advisor engagement across the digital ecosystem.
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Increasing Advisor Engagement with Online Personalization

Our report examines the ways asset managers can make better use of website online personalization to engage and nurture advisors along the customer journey.
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