Grow Market Share. Retain Assets. Repeat.

Industry consolidation, new entrants, new technology, and regulatory pressures are transforming the asset management landscape, putting pressure on firms’ long-term profitability and strategies.

Our goal is to help your organization manage data, gain insight, and help you to ignite change in your business. You can better understand, predict, and optimize key business factors impacting your asset growth and profitability with our:

AI-Powered Marketing for Asset Managers

Our latest study explores leveraging AI solutions for obtaining insights, gaining efficiency, increasing relevance, and creating opportunity using data that most firms already have.
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Five Ways to Win Over Advisors with Discretion - What Advisors Do Online 2018

Our latest report surveyed 550 financial advisors and closely examined what advisors with discretion expect from their digital experiences with asset managers and how firms can meet their five essential needs.
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Streamlining Marketing Support for Strategic Accounts

Our latest report presents account-based marketing as a strategic framework for marketing and distribution teams to develop tiers of accounts, based on rigorous analysis of profitability, demand, alignment, and relationship..
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Serving Professional Buyers Online

Our "Serving Professional Buyers Online" report helps asset managers understand how to cater to this unique audience digitally. It looks at how they can make it easy for the home office to perform research and due diligence by providing in-depth information online and ways to do so efficiently and effectively.
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Navigating the Storm: Modern Instruments for a New Age in Asset Management

Our "Navigating the Storm: Modern Instruments for a New Age in Asset Management" white paper explores three disruptors transforming the asset and wealth industry, and what we believe firms need to do weather the storm.
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Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies

Our latest report series, Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies, examines the necessary attributes of a successful BI program, what BI leaders are doing to pull ahead of the competition, and how lagging firms can catch up to remain competitive.
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Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth It

This year’s Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth report analyzed the responses of 406 financial advisors, to examine their digital behaviors and preferences for current and emerging technologies and assessed how asset management firms measure up in delivering on their expectations, ranking the top five.
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Destination Inbox: Increasing Email Relevance and ROI

Our latest report looks at the future of email and the email expectations of advisors in 2020. Focusing on three key trends, it outlines some of the ways asset managers can create more relevant and effective email marketing.
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Effective Product Marketing Strategies

This report series explores how asset managers can develop products that align with their brand, tell their story more effectively, and grow market share – and shows which leading firms are doing so.
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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities with Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Our report outlines the ways Marketing and Sales can use data from multiple touchpoints to jointly segment advisors and develop outbound marketing campaigns to acquire new business and retain assets.
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Prevailing in a Changing Distribution Landscape

This report series analyzes the long-term industry changes and their implications to asset managers and provides an assessment framework along with recommendations to modernize firms' distribution organizations.
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