Digital Investor

Your customers have more devices than ever and are empowered to make demands and decisions anytime, anywhere. Web-connected consumers demand personalized, friction-less, and secure access to products, information, and experiences.

We offer a way for you to provide a modern, flexible, and interactive self-servicing experience for your mutual fund, 529, and alternative investment customers. Based on enterprise strength and a modern framework for secure website implementations, we provide enhanced usability and design and an expanded array of functions and features that can add value to your customers and your business:

  • Modern, intuitive, and responsive design
  • Standard and custom implementation approaches
  • Increased online adoption
  • An array of features and functions to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Reduced servicing costs
  • Improved brand perception and client satisfaction
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Roadmap for the future to stay ahead of consumer trends

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