Master Complexity Improve Customer Management

Our powerful solution manages and automates complex billing and customer servicing tasks and allows utilities providers to connect and engage with their customers. By helping transform the customer experience, you better differentiate yourself from competitors while also reducing cost-to-serve and improving compliance.

Our flexible customer management and billing solution, is trusted by utilities providers around the world to manage billing, payment, and debt, while providing powerful monitoring capabilities that help improve customer service.

Billing Engine

  • Create and control as many tariffs as required, using multiple rates and appropriate taxes
  • Gain flexibility for multiple industry services such as water, gas, and electricity billing

Call Centre and Contact Management

  • Implement automated recording, monitoring, and reporting of all customer interactions
  • Help satisfy regulatory requirements and individual company performance measurements
  • Helps ensure that customer enquiries are answered quickly and easily
  • Access a single view of your customer

Meter Reading

  • Manage all records associated with meter reading operations
  • Produce reports on exceptions and variances
  • Fully integrated with reading systems of all leading manufacturers

Payment Processing
Our solution provides the facilities necessary to help accurately receipt payments, maintain customer accounts, and facilitate group account management through the combined billing.

Debt Management
We can help you maximise collections and manage outstanding debts.

Business Rules Engine
Our team can personalise and design custom screens which incorporate your specific business rules, allowing you to query and update the billing and customer platform.

Open Water Ready
With many years’ experience in the competitive water market, this solution allows:

  • 360° view of multi-site group customers
  • Enhanced tariffing functions
  • Easy data transfer and integration

Open Access Module (OAM)

  • Configure personalised Web Services, built using the BRE, for self-service and third-party integration
  • Supports access from external systems via Java messaging or Web Services
  • Integration with our customer management and billing solution within your own business rules

JOBS Module

  • Allows tasks to be pushed to individuals or to groups of users
  • Tasks may be manually generated, or automatically generated from system processes
  • Jobs can range from simple one-off tasks to more complex processes

Executive Reporting Module (ERM)

  • A de-normalised reporting data warehouse designed for reporting efficiency
  • Allows for integration with third-party reporting tools

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