Strategic Advisory – Value Management Practice

Turning a transformational vision into reality is a major challenge. A lack of focus on business value can lead to a financially and operationally underperforming process improvement or business performance implementation, or even project failure.

The DST Value Management Practice engages your organization in a pre-sale solution discovery, analysis, and design conversation, focused on documenting and solving for your desired future state. We work with you to create a clear link between your business performance implementations and your corporate strategy, goals, and objectives. We help you identify unmined business value and provide directional guidance for your process-centric business performance deployments.

Final deliverables from your Value Management Practice engagement include:

  • Business Value Blueprint
  • Technical Design Blueprint
  • Indicative Business Case

We help you answer the why, the where, and the what – and then determine the “how” in operational and business transformation.

Learn more about our Operational Excellence Consulting Practice.

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