Trading and servicing alternative investments is traditionally a manual process, consuming lots of time and placing firms at risk with Know Your Client (KYC) and suitability regulations.

AltServe is the industry’s first complete servicing solution for alternative investment vehicles. Our solution helps advisors open new alternative positions and support existing positions through revolutionary trade automation, business process management services, and other built-in capabilities, including:

  • Straight-through processing to product sponsors
  • A built-in, automated business rules engine
  • Transparent oversight tools for the home office to track real-time progress
  • A complete audit history of processes and documents
  • Access to subscription documents with fully integrated electronic signature

Empower advisors to sell more alternative investment products by eliminating inefficiencies, errors, and waste inherent in manual processes while improving customer service and better managing regulatory needs.

Some services are offered by DST Market Services, LLC a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC. DST Market Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc and an affiliate with DST Brokerage Solutions

* Note: Social media links/pages are for DST Systems, Inc. and not DST Market Services, LLC. DST Market Services, LLC does not advertise or communicate via social media.

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