More mutual fund accounts are now cleared through subaccounting than through networking, giving broker-dealers who utilize those services a significant market advantage. As that shift continues, you need to overcome the barriers that prevent you from taking advantage of the subaccounting opportunity.

We offer a single source for mutual fund subaccounting technology and full operational business process outsourcing that helps to eliminate barriers to fund transparency, maximize assets, and mitigate risk for broker-dealers of all sizes. Our Super Omnibus solution helps alleviate these barriers through:

  • Immediate speed-to-market opportunity
  • Simplified processing and reduced risks
  • Maximized values of assets
  • Enhanced transparency and reporting

Some services are offered by DST Market Services, LLC a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC. DST Market Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc and an affiliate with DST Brokerage Solutions

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