DST Market Share On-demand REIT Insights

It’s difficult to make critical business decisions when industry reports lack timely information, are tedious to analyze, and do not provide the specificity needed to increase assets and market share.

DST Market Share is a secure, digital dashboard showcasing alternative investment industry trends. With these insights you can make data‑driven decisions in a time of unprecedented change.

Want more power? Our premium version displays how your organization’s sales and AUM compare to the industry. You can leverage groundbreaking market data to develop additional insights into your performance.

See How We Stack Up: The DST Market Share Advantage

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Free Premium
Accessibility & Accuracy
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Online Portal X X X
Updated Weekly X X
Based on Actual Transactions X X
Enterprise Insights
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Sector-Level Insights X X X
Broker-Dealer Insights X
US Geography Insights X
Retirement Account Insights X
Granular Detail
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Sponsor-Level Market Share and Ranking X X
Sales and AUM Trends Over 2 Years X X
Comparison of Sponsor Trends to Industry Trends X
Shareholder Age X

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