Johns Hopkins ACG® System Team Announces 2018 Starfield Award Winner

Dr. Jim O'Donnell and Sangeeta Saran accepted the 2018 Starfield Award on behalf of NHS East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (formerly Slough CCG), located in Great Britain, for their project titled "Population Profiling to Support a New Model of Clinical Delivery." The award was announced and presented at the Johns Hopkins ACG System 2018 International Conference, held in San Antonio, Texas.

The NHS East Berkshire project used the ACG System to identify people at risk of hospital admission and then provide them with a care and support plan. Their impressive analytical work resulted in the creation of a new type of care program that is delivered within a primary care setting.

Their work was presented at the ACG System International Conference in San Antonio in April.

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About the Starfield Award

Barbara Starfield, M.D., M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Professor, was recognized worldwide as an expert in measurement of primary care and health status; development of case-mix methodologies; and promotion of equity in health. Co-founder of the Johns Hopkins ACG System, her defining work with patterns of morbidity forms the basis of the ACG System and distinguishes it from other case-mix methodologies.

The Starfield Award, sponsored by DST Health Solutions, honors the work and legacy of Dr. Barbara Starfield and recognizes work focusing on three major aspects of Barbara Starfield's work; addressing multi-morbidity in patients and populations, reducing disparities in the delivery of primary health care, and improving population health. It is awarded biennially in even numbered years and presented at the ACG International Conference.

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