Australian Financial Services Clients Win Holistic View of Their Operations with DST’s Use of ActiveOps Solutions

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - 21 December, 2017 - DST (NYSE: DST), a global provider of specialised technology, strategic, advisory, and operations outsourcing for the financial and healthcare industries, has signed an agreement with ActiveOps, giving DST the rights to distribute ActiveOps’ Workware™ and Active Operations Management™ (AOM) Method solutions in the Australian market. ActiveOps is a leader in cloud-based back office workforce optimisation solutions.

The agreement extends the existing strategic alliance between the two companies in the EMEA and APAC markets. “This agreement combines DST’s financial services technology with ActiveOps' cloud-based back office workforce optimisation software and operational performance management framework, delivering a powerful solution that provides firms with a single aggregated view of their operations to help them to increase efficiency, possibly reduce costs, and increase Net Promotor Score (NPS),” said DST Head of Relationship Management, Shaun McKenna.

ActiveOps provides service organisations with back office workforce optimisation software solutions, rapidly improving productivity and delivering enhanced control that underpins operational excellence. The combination of the Workware software and AOM Method provides a solution that can be deployed in weeks, but is able to deliver sustainable benefits.

"The ability to execute remains the difference between aspiration and sustained competitive advantage," says Richard Jeffery, CEO of ActiveOps. "By combining the power and agility of DST’s technology solutions with our proven software and management frameworks for back office workforce optimisation, DST can now offer Australian clients a solution that can help them reduce the time to benefit, increase strategic choices, and eliminate much of the operational risk associated with transformational change."

The announcement follows the launch of DST’s latest white paper: “Growth from the Inside Out: Mastering the Complexities of Operational Excellence.”

About DST Systems
DST Systems, Inc. (NYSE: DST) is a leading provider of specialized technology, strategic advisory, and business operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries. We assist clients in transforming complexity into strategic advantage by providing tools and services to help them stay ahead of and capitalize on ever-changing customer, business, and regulatory requirements in the world’s most demanding industries.

About ActiveOps – Manage Differently
ActiveOps Workware™, cloud-based software, is purpose built for the back-office to quantify work and time, measure productivity and efficiency by monitoring human and robotic resources in real-time. It enables capacity to be optimised, processes to be identified for automation and the agile management of the entire operations helping reduce costs, improve service delivery, staff well-being, and customer service.

The Active Operations Management (AOM™) Method enables ‘teams of teams’ to collaborate and sustain higher productivity through a consistent management framework. Better communication and improved control results in higher staff engagement and reduced stress. Visit:

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