Gain Market Insights on the Direct Investment Industry


In today’s business, having powerful data analytics is critical and very quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets – especially in industries that experience significant change.

One of the keys to future success is better understanding of the behavior of the investor and advisor communities.

By using industry trade data, our analytics team regularly shares key insights to help alternative product sponsors and broker-dealers make product, sales, and marketing decisions.

We share this with industry organizations – like the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT), the Investment Program Association (IPA), and the Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) – to help offer a more detailed view of the alternative investment space.

As an example, NAREIT recently used requested macro-level statistical data around sales, distributions, and REIT within the state of Hawaii in order to challenge legislation that would prevent Hawaii residents from owning non-traded REIT positions. Research based on real-time data can be an important tool for addressing issues, and as a result, shape the future of the industry.

Download the latest insights from our data analytics team and learn how the industry is evolving.

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