Talking Triple Aim with DST Health Navigating Complex Members

At the AHIP Expo 2018, DST Health convened a group of healthcare experts to reflect on where we are in the journey to meet the Triple Aim. It's clear we are not there yet, but as we examine the reasons why, new understanding emerges. Follow along as we hear the perspective of varying healthcare stakeholders, the patient, the health plan, the medical director, and the pharmacy benefit manager as they navigate the needs of a complex member.

A lot has been learned about what works and what does not in achieving the Triple Aim. What's clear now is that with better data and analytics, coordination of care, and understanding of social determinants of health, there are opportunities to make further progress in the journey.

We invite you to view each of the 3-5 minute video segments from the session and contact us to learn more about how we at DST Health can help.

Introduction and State of the Union
We've been working towards the Triple Aim for 10 years now - where are we really?

Achieving the Triple Aim video

A Challenging Persona
Sixty-seven years old, diabetes & RA - How can improvements be made to improve care for this patient?

A Challenging Persona video

Sharing Data: Payer, Provider, and Pharmacy
How can increasing visibility across stakeholders impact the patient?

AHIP: Sharing Data video

Like what you've seen so far? There are four more videos in the series. Complete the following form to gain access to the remaining discussion on using data to eliminate silos, impacts of social determinants of health, and expert advice on overall improvement towards quality of care.

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