General Data Protection Regulation Identifying Its Impact on Marketers and the Consumer's Moment of Truth

The European Union is set to ratify the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), updating the laws covering the capture and control of personal information and consumer consent to use it. Built on core principles established by the Data Protection Directive in 1998, GDPR establishes new rights for consumers and new legal obligations for businesses that gather and utilize that data.

How will the new laws impact processes that have become critical to nearly all aspects of business, especially marketing? Now when consumers are asked for personal information, what will their experience be like?

DST, in association with DataIQ, recently completed a research project that assesses the new landscape around the exchange of data, from the perspective of both business and customer. This paper focuses on:

  • Consumers’ consent to use their personal information
  • Consumers’ awareness of the legalities of consent, and what they expect in return
  • The ever increasing importance of permission-to-market to companies
  • How, or if, companies are prepared for their new responsibilities when it comes to obtaining information

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