Embracing Technology & Innovation in the Insurance Sector The Digital Challenge

In Australia, DST collaborated with RFi Group on a research project to survey executives from leading insurance organisations, identifying the top challenges facing the industry, and the strategies being developed to future-proof their businesses and enable innovation. Despite recognising the importance of digital transformation, the research showed that insurers believed the pace of innovation in their organisations was happening too slowly. 

AJ Horne, DST’s insurance practice lead, sat down with Chloe James from RFi for an interview on RFi Talks to discuss the implications of this research. This interview can be viewed on this page.

“Organisations need to adopt a strategic approach if their technology investment is to deliver real and lasting value to both their customer and the organisations,” said Horne.

You can also download the full research whitepaper ‘Why Digital Transformation is the Key to Business Success in the Insurance Industry’ by clicking the link in the Featured Insights column.

We work with financial services companies in varying states of digital transformation, from those taking their first steps in strategic planning, to others who are well on their way to becoming a next generation digital business. DST can help with improving efficiencies, managing compliance requirements, enabling innovation, or creating a differentiated customers experience.

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