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Posted April 3, 2017 by Tracy Needham

Asset managers have been responding to advisors’ growing use of mobile devices in recent years. Our Digital Engagement Leaders report series last fall found that three in four firms now have responsive advisor websites–double the number of firms in 2015.

But either advisors’ perception has not yet caught up to reality—or responsive design alone isn’t resolving all the user issues. An article I recently wrote for Digital Strategy Insights on delivering faster and easier answers to advisors via the firm website on mobile devices addressed the first three reasons in the chart below as to why advisors avoid asset manager websites on their mobile devices. The two other reasons are less complex but just as important for firms to consider.

two simple fixes illustrationRequires logging in. One-third of advisors say they avoid asset manager sites on mobile devices because they often ask advisors to login for the information they want. While robust internet browsers that automatically fill in login credentials, and cookies that keep you logged in for return visits, have made website logins less of a hassle on desktop devices, the pain of login is still high on mobile devices.

Mobile browsers are much less likely to remember your credentials and cookies—and tiny keys make username and password entry more frustrating. Even social log-ins can drive advisors away on mobile devices, by making them wait for the related social media app to open, request permissions and send you back to the site.

It’s always good to minimize the amount of content requiring a login. But it’s particularly important to ensure that links shared on social media don’t require login, as our Digital Strategy Insights data shows that 54% of all social media traffic going to insights pages is already taking place on a smartphone. Like many of us, advisors check their social feeds for items of interest when opportunities arise away from their desk.

Can’t find the advisor site. One in four advisors say they can’t find firm’s advisor websites on mobile devices. While this sounds strange, it’s definitely a real problem. Several times while reviewing advisor websites on mobile devices for Digital Engagement Leaders 2016, I could not find any links to the advisor website on that main URL—the one advisors are most likely to remember or land at via a Google search. Firms can easily eliminate that problem by ensuring that their responsive design parameters fold the financial advisor link into the main navigation menu.

Advisors come to asset manager websites to find a variety of information. Ensuring they can do so with minimal time and effort—regardless of the type of device they’re using–goes a long way in delivering a good digital experience.

Tracy Needham
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